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Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy produces no pollution, has no environmental effects and is ecologically acceptable.

Cost Effective Investment

With new advancements in scientific researches, solar energy could be more affordable in the future with decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are virtually maintenance-free since the batteries require no water or other regular service and will last for years. Once solar panels are installed, there are no recurring costs.


We Believe in Green Energy Solutions

Residential Solar, Commercial and Industrial Solar

We are passionate about helping our clients find ways to become more energy efficient.

Farm Solar and Agrivoltaics

Agrivoltaics is the simultaneous use of areas of land for both solar photovoltaic power generation and agriculture.

EV Charger Stations

The movement towards zero-emission vehicles is undeniably growing by the day.

Off-Grid Living and Battery Storage

Taking your home off the grid with solar power & battery storage has never been more affordable or alluring than it is today.


of Experience


If you are a homeowner looking to offset your current electrical usage and save some money Legacy Renewables Energy is the partner you are looking for! Legacy Renewables Energy provides free site assessments to produce a detailed survey of the solar resources available to you. With this information, our professionally trained team will design a system that is catered to suit your individual needs. We are happy to create Grid-Tied, Hybrid and Off-Grid Systems. 

While we are on site we are also happy to discuss system upgrades and other clean energy solutions such as Battery Back Up Systems and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Cost Effective
Sun Energy

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Our team stands ready to offer their experience and top-quality service to ensure every experience exceeds your expectations.

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Why Should You Trust Us With Your Next Project?


We have a high level of integrity. This is a measure of honesty and moral principles.

Commitment to Customers

This company exists to serve our customers and will make this commitment to providing safe, exceptional, and professional services at a fair price.


This is our driving force. Passion for solar. Passion for customer service. Passion for innovation.


Autonomy is highly encouraged at Legacy Renewables. Every one of our team members have the ability to become leaders in this way.


Technology is always evolving and we want to be right on top of it. Combined with creating new, and creative methods of installation and design, we innovate our approach to a very old craft and breathe new life into it. 


Quality of our installations leads to lasting, safe installations worthy of remaining in place for years to come. We ensure this quality through a thorough quality assurance and quality control process.


We were built upon the idea that no one can go it alone successfully. We must surround ourselves with a circle of peers, or a team to truly be successful. 


Overcomplication leads to mismanaged expectations and unclear transactions. We strive to provide concise, clear, and easy to understand information through our quotes, invoices, customer communications, and on site visits.

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