It goes without saying that every house needs electricity to function well. Electricity powers almost everything you use, from the lights, air conditioner, heating system, television, and more! Without it, you would be sitting in the dark, left to the mercy of the harsh season with nothing to do.

Yes, electricity is essential—but nobody said anything about getting it from the same source.

The Environmental Impact of Hydropower

Electricity and the environment do not have a good relationship. The truth of the matter is that almost all forms of electricity generate waste. Sixty percent of the electricity in Canada is generated from hydro sources, according to Natural Resources Canada.

Hydroelectric power is fueled by water so that it won’t pollute the air. However, just because water is a “clean” energy source doesn’t mean that there aren’t environmental ramifications of hydroelectric power. Some of the consequences to the environment caused by hydropower are:

  • Damage to wildlife habitats and migratory paths;
  • Upstream flooding;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs; and
  • Drainage issues.

How to Help

Not only is nature a healthy and fun place to spend your time in, but human lives also depend on the biodiversity of the environment. Unfortunately, man has been practicing harmful behaviours that have damaged it—almost beyond repair. If you want to continue to live a good life on the planet you call home, you need to take this problem into your own hands.

Now, saving the Earth isn’t a one-person job; you’re no Superman. But, there are things you can do to help the environment; just a few changes in your lifestyle can already have a significant impact! You can help the environment by conserving water, recycling, using substitutes for plastic, or switching to renewable energy by installing solar panels.

Going Green with Solar Power

Switching to solar power is a great way to help the environment! Solar panels are devices used to absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity or heat. The solar energy soaked up by the panels represents a clean, green, and renewable source of energy.

Not only is solar power safe and environmentally friendly, but installing solar panels also drastically reduces your electricity bills! You can protect your home against unpredictable rises in electricity costs, and your property value increases at the same time!

What to Know Before Installation

Before you contact a local solar company that offers installation of residential solar panels, you should first consider these factors so that you don’t miss any details and get surprised by unexpected situations or costs:

– Roof Condition

Your roof will be the one to support the solar panels. Do you think it will be able to withstand the weight without breaking and falling over you? Determine your roof’s suitability by considering the:

  • Roof’s age;
  • Warranty on your roof;
  • Structural support; and
  • Weight recommendations per square foot.

– Number of Panels

The amount of sunlight your panels could receive will depend on the location of your home. Think about the hours of daylight your home gets and the direction your roof faces to get an estimate of how many residential solar panels you’ll need to have installed.

– Expected Output Power

Find out how much energy you can get out of the solar panels, then compare this to the amount of energy your house needs to function well. This helps ensure that you will be getting enough solar energy from the panels each day.

– Panel Maintenance

Just because your residential solar panels will be out in the sun all day doesn’t mean that they don’t need any maintenance. Solar panel installation is a financial investment that you should take care of! Make sure to clean off debris, leaves, and dirt from the panels with soap and water to keep them efficient.


Save the environment and reduce your energy costs with solar panels! You never have to feel guilty again about the electricity harming nature—with residential solar panels, you can have clean, renewable energy to power your home. Reach out to a local solar company that can set you up with a licenced contractor.

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