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We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have something unique to offer. From the start of a project to the time you’re home brewing clean energy from sunshine, Legacy Renewables makes it a joy to go solar.

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Project Feasibility

Land Optimization and Site Assessment
Project Budgets
Regulatory Work

Solar Pre-Construction

Permitting Procurement
Environmental Work
Site and Soils Investigation

Construction Material

Purchase and Management
Transportation, Receiving, and Inspection
Inventory Control and On-Site Logistics


Panel Layout
Complete Design
Performance Analysis and Guarantees

Our Capabilities

For residential and commercial energy applications, we have the skills required to ensure your new solar system satisfies all your needs and runs at peak efficiency for years to come!   


Making the world a better place, one panel at a time. 

With a combined experience of more than 16 years in developing power generation, we have the renewable energy and innovative green footprint solutions for the modern age.

On/Off Grid Solar Systems

The full nomad kit, including all the necessary components to get your facility up and running without dedicated full-time support from the local energy grid.


Solar Maintenance

Keeping your existing solar power system up and running with minimal to no downtime, and ensuring your application is prepared for future energy initiatives.


Immediate Returns & Savings

Quality Work, Experienced Staff & After Installation Support

We use industry leading technology to maximize ROI (return on investment) and longevity of renewable energy system.

We are dedicated to provide complete solar solutions for rural electrification, C&I, farming, private, government and nonprofit. The core mission focuses on seeding and developing clean energy and infrastructure projects in rural area as we are a renewable energy company specialized in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of solar hybrid and off grid systems.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Making the switch to residential or commercial solar is a big decision for anyone, but you do not have to make that journey alone! Our team at Legacy Renewables is here to help you and your family create wealth & prosperity through solar

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